Garage Liability Insurance

Certain working conditions tend to be inherently far more hazardous as compared to others.

Wherever large equipment and machines or hazardous materials are involved, you can be sure that there is the potential for someone to get injured on the job and file a workplace accident claim, or for a customer to get hurt and you end up paying out on some sort of personal injury compensation claim.

This is the reason it is crucial for garages, mechanic shops, tow trucks, and others of these kinds of businesses to have an effective commercial liability insurance policy.

One particular setting which has the likelihood of significant loss is a garage. Garage liability insurance deals with most of the incidents that could occur on the premises and will be talked about in additional depth down the page.

The definition of Garage might indicate an automobile service station or mechanic shop, but it may also include parking garages as well as other motor vehicle housing establishments where the owner is not present everyday.

This type of business person may also need landlord liability insurance which is a bit different than a situation where someone is a mechanic and working in a garage or renting space in someone elses shop, in which case they should have what's called general liability insurance for contractors, tradesman liability insurance, or some sort of self employed insurance coverage.

This is the case if they are not a direct employee of the repair shop where they work, as this type of policy would cover things like personal injury claims and other damages that might result because of their actions over and above what the garage owner's policy would cover.

There are plenty of coverages which may be included in a garage liability insurance policy. It can get somewhat complicated, specifically since there are separate kinds of coverage that may be contained in a policy, purchased alongside one another, but still under a separate contract.

Garage Keepers insurance, for instance, provides standalone provisions and is different than general garage liability, yet since they are usually put together, for the functions of this short article we'll talk about what's contained in both under the umbrella of garage liability insurance.

Once you have found a good agent or public liability insurance broker that you can trust they can explain in more detail what you are getting in the cost of liability insurance that you pay for every month. State Farm, Farmer's, Zurich, and many of the other big name companies are usually pretty easy to work with.

Automobiles can be very expensive, and wherever they are stored should have coverage in the event they get damaged for whatever reason. Different insurance plans will give you different protection, from customer owned automobiles to company cars and also rental cars or loaner cars that your customers use while their vehicle is being repaired. That may fall under a short term car insurance provision in the policy. Damage to these vehicles because of operations which are 'necessary and incidental' for the garage operation will likely be covered as part of your liability insurance costs.

Of course there is room for interpretation about what exactly is necessary and incidental, so it is important that all employees act responsibly and do not do anything that would create unnecessary risk. They should be well trained in using equipment and do what is necessary in the garage to avoid accidents. This helps the garage or shop owner to have not only lower commercial or general liability costs, but with a good safety program in place helps to avoid all sorts of bodily injury claims, as well as other work accident compensation claims.

There are also the regular types of liabilities that most businesses have. These would include accidents on the premises involving property of the garage. It also includes any possible wrong-doing by the owner or management in terms of discrimination or other hiring mistakes.

It is important to get the right type of coverage so you do not find yourself surprised if some sort of personal injury damages claim is made and your policy does not cover it. Look carefully into what is included in the policy you are considering. Ask advice from the insurance agent and determine what your risks are and what amount of insurance you need.

Determine specifically what you are getting when you purchase the policy and understand how to document a claim in the event of an incident. You need to feel confident you are managing a safe garage, however, you also should be ready for accidents and know just how to handle them and use the insurance company to resolve the situation the most effective way possible.


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